Diary of a Divorcee Diva

Mikayla Summers began life as nothing less than blessed and highly favored. But, the enemy was stalking about and seeking to destroy the storybook future that she had always dreamed of. Born to a wealthy farm girl and a handsome city boy who were college sweethearts and both loved the Lord, how did she end up being a child of divorce and divorced herself to not just one, but two alcoholics? She petitions God to give her the answer to this question and restore that perfect scenario she started out with, but her trials were only beginning and the faith instilled in her heart was about to be put to the ultimate test.

In this fateful tale of marriage and divorce, Mikayla discovers what happens when the man of your dreams becomes your worst nightmare. She explores her memories and her deflated hopes, searching for where it all went wrong. She can only pray that her strong relationship with family and a fierce sisterhood of friends combined with her strength in the Lord will help her survive the storm.

A story that makes you want to jump in the pages and be a part of their sisterhood...Bravo!

-Marlana W.

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